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the winner and champion Elk Green Chili Burger

The town of silver city has always treated me well; friendly people, good food and a welcome feeling from all the people that I have met there the past couple of years.  My zero day included watching Sweet Potato get his hair and beard cut and the barber refusing payment.  A wonderful home cooked meal at Raul’s place by his wife Billie…she made an awesome lasagna in the dago’s honor and even had a salad and garlic bread.  I visisted the friendly shops along downtown and learned more of the history….but enough with that lets get down to the fact that in 36 hours I ate 3 different green chili burgers and it’s time for my fat kid review.

the hikers and our host Raul

Burger #1 Jalisco resturant green chili angus burger.  
While the price was right and I did eat it after hiking 17 miles into town that morning this burger comes in at 3rd place.  The fries were crispy and good and the chilis were plenty hot but I was slightly underwhelmed by the bun and the pattie was too well done for my liking. I was shocked though because the other meals I have eaten here were fantastic my suggestion if going to Jalisco order a Mexican dish not the burger.
The Buckhorn Saloon- Buckhorn Burger with haystack on the side.  While technically in the hamlet of Pinos Altos this old fashion and true blue gunslinger saloon is not to be missed.  Besides the amazing old building, great decor and historical photos their food is damn good.  I opted for the buckhorn burger, a 1/2lb of cooked to prefection beef and smothered in green chilies and cheese.  The fresh bun, ample topping and juicy meat lands this burger I my number 2 spot.

You must visit the Buckhorn Saloon if you live the wild west

Elk burger with green chilies-The curious Kumquat.


I have been told many times to make sure I eat at this place and try the elk burger, boy was everyone right. The meat was cooked to order, the bun was ample and fresh, the toppings of the highest quality and the taste-well it was as close to a religous experience I have had in awhile.  If you can get there before June 4th do so, the resturant is closing then and this delightful burger will all just be a distant memory.  This as by far the best burger I ate in silver city, hell it’s the best burgers I have eaten in years.

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