Thanks to my sponsors!


In 1996 while hiking the AT I met a man with gear smaller and lighter than anyone else on trail, the hiker ‘Cloud Walker’ had worked in Japan where he discovered gear made by Mont-bell.  Since then I have used their gear on trail as I feel it holds the 3 keys to good backpacking gear; high quality, light weight, and a good value.  I am honored to be one of their team and more excited to have one of their stores in Portland, OR

Gossamer Gear

People always ask me what pack I use? The answer is easy a Gossamer Gear Kumo. This Austin, TX Based company makes some great Ultra Light gear that is affordable and holds up well in the feild.  I have used their products for the past 7 years and absolutely love their high quality light weight gear.

Purple Rain Adventure Skirts

I have been hiking in skirts for years, yes that’s right this big grizzly dude loves a breeze up the skirt as he hikes.  Not only are they more airy they also allow for natural movement.  My friend Mandy makes these right here in Portland, OR. They are well designed and have great pockets for keeping your sun block, map and compass handy.

Katabatic Gear

Quilts make a big difference in saving weight, when you compress the insulation underneath you your loose your r-value.  A quilt is just as warm as a bag but lighter in weight and more functional in warm weather.  Katabatic makes the best quilts out there, using high-quality materials and sustainably sourced down.  Often referred to as the Rolls Royce of sleeping quilts, check out these sweet US made quilts.

Toaks Outdoor

Like light weight titanium gear? Like a stove with no moving parts to break or fail while in the field?  Then check out Toaks, not only is there stuff well made, it’s wicked light and affordable, even for the dirt bag hiker looking to balance weight, durability and Cost.  I have been using their alcohol stove for the past few months and it rocks!


Recently I was asked to join the Sawyer ambassador program.  Not only do they make incredible products, like bug spray that doesn’t destroy your gear, great sunblock, and the best water filters I have ever used, they also support clean water around the world.

Backpacker’s Pantry

Backpacker’s Pantry manufactures gourmet backpacking food. As outdoor enthusiasts participating in an array of activities, we understand the need to pack light and eat well.  We are dedicated to creating dishes that satisfy not only your palate but your nutritional needs as well. Backpacker’s Pantry is dedicated to exploring and preserving the environment.  A portion of every sale is given to organizations dedicated to the conservation of our planet.

UGo Bars

As a small, locally-owned & operated business, UGo Bars believes that all food should be FRESH and NOURISHING. Food effects your energy, mood, and even your role within the community. Just because you lead a busy life, don’t sacrifice your healthy and delicious snacking options. UGo Bars prioritizes all-natural, preservative-free freshness in all our products. We handcraft everything in small batches. Each UGo bar has a 3-month shelf life to ensure premium quality and maximum nutrition benefits. Other bars have close to a 12 month+ shelf life.

Salazon Chocolate Co.

Roam the Earth. Eat Chocolate.

In 2009, Pete Truby, founder of Salazon Chocolate Co, was backpacking through Utah when the idea for an energy-rich salted chocolate bar came to him. After visiting small organic cacao farms in the Dominican Republic and perfecting the recipe, he launched Salazon Chocolate Co., the first salted chocolate. Their Dominican Republic, single-origin organic dark chocolate is made with fermented and sun-dried Hispaniola cacao beans. Every bar is hand-sprinkled with natural, solar-evaporated sea salt. Salazon Chocolate is proud to support the National Scenic Trails with its Trail Series. At least 2% of gross sales of these bars goes to support the Triple Crown of National Scenic Trails.


merino mastered

Point6 socks is a Steam Boat Springs, CO based merino wool sock manufacturer, who makes some of the finest socks on the market. Backed by a lifetime warranty these 100% merino wool socks will keep your feet warm in the cold and breathe well on a hot day.


Leki makes some of the best hiking poles out there, I have carried their poles ever since my first thru-hike of the AT  back in 1996. Today they offer a variety of poles for hiking, skiing, trekking or whatever you like to do on two legs.

Zero Gram 

ZEROGRAM’s ideas begin from the thoughts of outdoor enthusiasts, trying to develop lightweight and innovative equipment. Developing light, but also protective equipment for outdoor workplaces is the most active eco-friendly play as a product innovator. It is possible to enjoy the nature deeply and widely with a light backpack. People should borrow minimal space from nature, and this is a prerequisite when they move to the place. ZEROGRAM provides the innovative solution to live in harmony with nature. Production functioning at its best with minimal resources is a philosophy of ZEROGRAM. Once a new product is released, we find more efficient way to reduce waste of resources. In addition, we choose the best way for nature, whatever the cost is required.


TurboPUP is new on the scene, they make the most compact, lightweight, and easy to use dog food for the backcountry.  These new bars take up less space in a pack and provide enough nutrition to keep your pup on the go no matter how many miles you might be hiking.

Barker Bag 

For years I have struggled with the best way to keep the dog warm at night, both Erwin and Karluk have slept in my sleeping bag or quilt with me. Then came Barker Bags these ingenious bags zip into your bag giving your pup it’s own space and you the added warmth for those “3 dog nights” out on trail.


Performance Dog Gear– These folks in Bend, OR make the best dog gear out there, period!  We use everything from their jackets and packs, to their booties and toys.  This gear is well made and enginereed to help your dog get out there with you.