CDT mile 1248.6, miles hiked 22

Hot air balloon festival in Steamboat

We woke up and packed for the ride back to trail.  Hollywood and Kale were going to ferry us and whoever was at Tickled Pink’s place across town back to the trail.  Cheesy and I rode up with Hollywood and waited at the pass for Kale who had Maverick.  When they pulled up in the front of Kale’s rig sat Stop N Go or the “San Fran Stalker” as I call him.  I swear he is like a bad rash, no matter how hard we try we can’t get rid of this guy.  The worst part is he drives me nuts, he is always whining and complaining. After years of traveling in the 3rd world, I have very little tolerance for privileged white children who whine about how hard a hike is when their are people who would kill for a mouth full of rice.

Meadow walking at its finest

The boys decided to slack us the mile and half up the highway so we got ready to do so.  Right before we left the next crew of hikers showed up to head to town, just ahead of the bubble as I like it.

Once we met back with Kale and got our packs we started on the trail.  The trail today climbed slightly really it seems flat but each  step gained a slight bit of elevation.

Lakes mean bugs, but man they are a nice pretty place to enjoy a view

We passed by lakes, and many wonderful meadows.  The only downside is the mosquito season is in full effect and our day was spent walking through clouds of bugs. As the day dragged on all of us got sluggish from town but amazingly still made 3mph.  The stalker could not be shaken but when he heard we planned on doing 30’s to Encampment I think he realized today would be the only day with us.

After consulting a map we decided to forgo camping by the lake and instead climbing to the high point before it to try to avoid the bugs.  The highs spot was as buggy as the rest of the day. I threw up my tent and then tossed my pack in and followed behind.

I took the evening time to do some sewing on gear that needed it, then cooked dinner and sat in my safe haven from the biting little buggers.  The only issue now is getting to go pee, the second the door opens and the bugs come in, oh well I’ll take the bugs over the snow we had, I think I’ll eat some chocolate and call it a night.

My evening view lately

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