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A very cool antler archway in town

I woke up with a hangover, it happens when a bunch of hikers and grand American bikers hit the rustic pine bar and decide to shit the place down.  Buttercup and I tied one good since we knew it would probably be our last time swilling beers together until we meet again in Portland.  He took a different route through the fire and is now 28 miles ahead, given his pace and line it means the fellowship is over and we will be hiking without each other unless I catch him up the line somewhere.

Once I finally got going I made my to-do list for the day, grabbed my pack and headed the mile into town to knock out chores.  I hit the library and worked on permits for Yellowstone, ran to the outfitter and the grocery store for food, by 1 pm I was in my way back to the hotel to relax, and treat my clothes with permethrin for the bugs.  Luckily Pat and the crew at Sawyer just sent some Permethrin so Cheezy and I can treat our clothes and hopefully be done with the damn horse flies.

The rustic pine tavern has some awesome mounts

I sat by the river and enjoyed some peace and quiet, I drank and beer and just enjoyed life for a bit.  My nerves were a bit fried from the fire so having time to turn the brain off was nice.

World’s largest jackalope you bet. your butt I rode it

I spent most of the afternoon relaxing, I sorted some food and called home.  At 7 I walked back to town to get an ace bandage for my ankle, I had a rock hit it in the Winds and it has been swollen and very sore since.  I rounded things out with a muscle dinner at the bistro and trip to the jackalope travel center for some photo fun and a souvenir.

Classic entrance to the laundromat

I saw the boys and then went back to the hotel to get some rest so I would be fresh for the trail in the morning.

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