CDT mile 1646.5, miles hiked 21

Road signs warned of heavy smoke and fires

As we sat at the church eating breakfast I knew it would be the last time I saw Buttercup on the CDT.  It’s weird to have walked with someone for so long and in a minute they are no longer there.  We talked about time after we are done, he is coming to Portland and we plan to get CDT tattoos while he’s there.  We also joked about getting our DNA results and how he will be French and I’ll be Moroccan.  We said our goodbyes and then Cheezy, Johnny and I headed to the post office to send our bounce boxes and then leave town.

Helicopters were dropping water all day

Since we had walked into Dubois our only option to keep continuous steps was to walk the highway 28 miles back to the CDT.  Since my ankle is cooked and its johnny’s first week we have decided to do lower mileage for the next seven days.  The boys had passed a place called lava mountain lodge on the highway 22 miles from town so we decided to go there for the first day and camp.

Smoke was the main show today

We headed up the highway, 2 hours in we had a break and ate lunch, after that I threw on the latest episode of the trail show and started moving pretty good, and an hour later I turned around and could no longer see Cheezy and Johnny, so I said ok let’s see what I can do.

Tie Hacks monument for the men who made rail road ties back in the day

For the next few hours I moved at about 4 mph, by 3:45 I reached our destination, walked in and sat in the lounge.  I had a cold beer and waited for the others to arrive.  An hour or so later the two of them rolled in.  Johnny had got his first blister but otherwise was in good spirits.  We had a few cocktails, an appetizer and then set up our tents in the back.

Dinner was a fish fry with hush puppies and man it was good.  We wrapped the evening up with a cold beer and watched the fire burn in the distance.

Lava Mountain Lodge

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