CDT mile 1749.2, miles hiked 20.5

my view for months is about to end, ill miss that ula pack and the dirty socks hanging from it

We all woke up extra early so we could get to the breakfast buffet at 6:30 when they opened.  Hotshot walked up to the check-in and called for the courtesy shuttle to take us there, what a treat to not walk that extra mile.  We all enjoyed the buffet and got well caffeinated.

Shoshone geyser basin

Polar Bear and Hotshot decided they were going to take a zero at Grant Village and then hike on tomorrow, we said our goodbyes and then Cheezy, Johnny and I walked up to hitch back to the trail.  Now being in a National Park which is full of tourist it took us nearly an hour to get a ride.  A nice couple from Arkansas loaded us in their pick up and drove us to the trail.

A hot spring

The trail was super easy all day but the highlights were Shoshone Lake where we lounged for an hour plus and took a nap in the warm sun.  Then we walked through Shoshone geyser basin where we saw geysers, hot springs, and mud pots.  It was really a cool treat and one of the reasons to come to Yellowstone.
We ran into Beacon and Mermaid towards the end of the day.  I have known Beacon for about 5 years and this is his 4th hike of the CDT.  He gave me some pointers as to what was ahead and then we said goodbye.  Our camp tonight is at upper fire hole.  We have two hot springs in camp and a nice creek too.  It’s a great spot and nice final camp with cheesy.

The emerald blue water of hot springs

I am going to miss Cheezy the two of us have become thick as thieves these past few months and it’s hard to think of being out here without her.  She is doing the right thing though, she told me she is losing some heart to finish the trail and by doing the cutoff she can finish with Johnny and that will motivate her to finish this season.

I’ll miss this girl, we had some fun and I will always remember the cold beer we enjoyed at Monarch Pass

The only problem with hiking with others is that eventually you have to go separate ways and it’s as hard a break up as any…

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