Day 11

A bloody mary at 8:30 am to go with my pile of food

Town day!!!! We awoke at 5:45 packed up quick and headed for town.  We all walked at a swift pace with the lure of town food and showers in our future. We quickly hiked down the road and at around 7:45 am we hit the backside of the school and were in town.

We walked straight for the Say When Casino Cafe, grabbed a booth and took turns in the bathroom washing up. We ordered large amounts of food and easily polished it all off.  Then we saw Ron parked up the street we dropped our packs with him and headed for the post office.  It was like Christmas we each got new Sawyer Squeeze Filters from pat, a new pack from Brandon at work for Salty and a sleeping pad and phone from home to try to get us going on the trail without a leaking sleeping pad and at least two working phones between the 3 of us.

Boxes of Fun!!!

As we sat there trying to get Salty’s new phone/my old iPhone to work, Swept Away’s phone died and went into a series of the apple screens flashing and then nothing at all.  We put it on rice in Ron’s van to see if it could be saved and then checked in early to our hotel for some much-needed showers.

The hotel was a true hiker special with peeling linoleum in the bathroom and a shower head that hardly worked.  Dirty carpet, tv without reception, but the winner was the walls above the beds on had a wall lamp that was bent and crooked and the other had no lamp but a band-aid covering the holes in the wall where it used to mount. 

This place was so jankie, all I could say is “Look I fixed it”

Laundry, yard sale and testing our new filters from Sawyer

We did our town chores, that included a resupply and hand washing our clothes since the laundry mat was not open anymore, and catching up with home.  Since I have the only working phone we took turns calling family, checking emails, etc… A large dinner that Ron treated us to back in the Say When, and then we called it a night.

Salty finally gave into peer pressure and got herself a new Six Moon Designs Minimalist Pack