CDT mile 2501.3, miles hiked 20.5

a very sick Tatu-Jo sleeps by the trail

For the third time on the CD, my hiking partner has the flu. I heard Tatu-Jo wake up and get sick in the middle of the night. I feel back asleep but when I got up he was passed out hard. I checked on him and told him to sleep in. I made us coffee, ate a bar and then we packed up. We said goodbye to Fritz and Amy, Tatu-Jo was way out of it when we left camp.

The two of us walked through the thick brush and high grasses. Perfect terrain and environment for bears, we saw scat but never any bears. I was out in front and when I looked back Tatu-Jo was swerving and stumbling, he was like a drunk. Whatever was ailing him had his equilibrium way off. He had fever and was hurting all over. Some meds seemed to help and we just went slow and took lots of breaks.

aspen trees have turned golden as fall is upon us

Around noon we had only done 10 miles. We stopped at badger creek and I made us mashed potatoes and we dried out our tents and bags. After eating Tatu-Jo laid down for a 2 minute nap, after a good half hour he woke, we packed up and carried on. He was feeling better so we made better time the next ten miles.

We climbed a big hill funny enough we later learned the road we crossed was a trail around the mountain. Oh well the climb was fun but not for Tatu-Jo, when we reached the top we had a cell signal and we soon learned of the snow advisory in effect for our area. Looks like the CDT has some fun in store for the end of our trip.

it pays to look at alternates, we missed this one

We descended down the forest the aspen trees are all yellow and glowed in the evening light. The sky above us held dark fluffy clouds above and we could feel the cold bite to the air, Canada is only 130 trail miles away and probably 65 as the crow flys.

We met some backpackers by the Rangers cabin and after a long chat we hiked on. As we came up the old road I saw two-horse it’s was Snickers Bar Dan and Masie the mare. What do you know it was Amy and Fritz. We stopped and chatted and decided to cook dinner. One thing led to another and we decided to just camp with them again.

I love this horse

It was so fun to camp with them again, just awesome people. I got to spend time with them this evening as Tatu-Jo got his well-earned and well-deserved rest. Tomorrow we hit the highway our first paved road since we crossed highway 12 that went to Lincoln and just kept walking north.

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