CDT mile 510.5, miles hiked 13.5

Tthe sign sums up this town

When I woke up I had to admit to the crew that I had been dreaming of food all night and even woke up and ate a bag of gummy bears at 2am.  My hiker hunger is real and as I lied in bed eating oatmeal and having coffee I took inventory of my food: 2 bars, a hand full of gummy bears, and some almonds was all that was left in my food bag.

Sweet Potato left before the rest of us, he wanted a head start since he has been lagging for the past few days. The rest of us walked together at the let’s get to town pace.

Morning cardio on the mesa

We climbed the last Mesa before town and enjoyed walking the rim.  We then descended a canyon that would drop us at the highway.  We found Sweet Potato sitting by the highway.  We had a short break, ate our remaining food and then high tailed it to town.

The walk along the highway went by quickly and we soon arrived at Cuba, a small town which has seen better days. We opted to stay at the Del Prado, the type of motel only a hiker or a hobo could appreciate. The owner is hiker friendly and we all settled into our rooms for showers.

Walking the canyon to the highway

Lunch consisted of a great Mexican meal at Bruno’s that included a margarita and a shot of tequila.  We bought our food, called home and spent the rest of the day relaxing.

The classy Del Prado Motel

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