Big John soaking his feet in my mini bathtub

In one month I have hiked 510.5 miles in 31 days or 16.47 miles per day average not bad considering that as of March I had been sitting in a cubicle for most of the past 16 years.  I have loads well over 20lbs and feel as fit as I was 10 years ago.
Today when I stirred I looked at the weather and saw a hazardous weather outlook for the area we were heading calling for snow and lightning so I talked with the boys and we decided to stay an extra day here in Cuba to rest and relax for an extra day.

As we lounged around the hotel watching movies and stinking the place up, we watched a sea of hikers trickle in.  First Greg in Wild showed up late last night after doing a 32-mile day, pretty good for a guy who is 62, he found my sandal along the way and returned it.  Today the following hikers arrived: Zorro, Boston Chris, Big John, The 3 girls Peg Leg, Cheezy, and Nessie (wildernessie).  Elusive, Buddy Backpacker and team, Popeye, Gnome God, Cowboy Stripper and I believe that’s it.

Dinner at Bruno’s

We enjoyed a few more meals at Bruno’s and the highlight was pilling in the boys’ room to watch Terminator together.  The rest of the day was spent soaking feet, and basically chilling out.  Tomorrow we leave for the next 3 day stretch to Ghost Ranch, we expect some snow on north facing slopes and then we plan to get a taste of Colorado on our way to Cumbres Pass.

I am happy to be giving up the extra water carries but there is no such thing as a free lunch so with the mountains comes the snow.  Oh well, the only thing to do is walk north and keep our wits about us.

Trust me it looks better at night

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