CDT mile 539.7, miles hiked 12.2

Mesas for days

The day started early with the sun coming up ever earlier each day, and the sun setting later telling us that summer is soon to come.  We rolled out camp and shortly came to Skull Bridge and the Rio de Chama.  It was running very fast, high and muddy from the snowmelt and recent rains.  we marveled at the amount of water and then started down the dirt road towards Ghost Ranch.

As we walked the road the Saturday weekend warrior traffic started up.  One after the other they drove by with kayak as and rafts but none stopping to offer us and soda or beer.  Then it happened a white Subaru pulled over and started to chat with Buttercup we came along the other side and the vehicle behind stopped too and 4 nice ladies got out and gave us some amazing trail magic.  First, it was coldCoca-Colaa a true favorite then we had homage chocolate chip cookie squares, lemon bars and some amazing cookies.  After a few great minutes of chatting and snacking we moved on.

Amazing trail magic a cold coca cola never tasted so good

We hit the highway and started towards the visitor center we kept to the road until finally after a while I protested and we all decide to just go cross country to the ranch.  We forded a small creek, walked some old roads and eventually made it to the ranch and visitor center.

We dropped our packs, gathered our boxes and waited around for lunch service to start.  We were treated to a great meal of fish, veggies, rice, cake and salad.  Man how great a salad bar is after eating carbs the past few days.

Ghost Ranch where we were treated kindly

The rest of the day was spent: doing laundry, sorting goods for the next leg, calling home and other tasks.  We did take time to visits the museum on site.  There is one anthropology museum that had pottery and other artifacts from the area.  In the back was a paleontology museum focusing on the large amount of fossils found at the ranch.

One of the many fossils found at Ghost Ranch

We stopped by the Ghost House and learned some history of the ranch then checked out the art show where we were each given a pin to put on our packs.

Dinner was ok, they ran short on food and pulled out some chili rellano that were still frozen in the middle I nuked ours and they were fine.  After dinner we attended the free bluegrass concert, it was good to see these amateurs get up and play for all of is it was a great way to wrap up the day.

Now back at camp we gorged ourselves in crack bars, pizelles, and other treats from home.  We are storing all of our food down at the bathhouse so the camp raccoons don’t mess with it before we leave tomorrow.  Nessie said she wanted to see a raccoon she has never seen one as they don’t live in England, hopefully, she get her chance.  Well, time to turn in and try to fall asleep before the giant full moon is lighting up the place.

The Ghost House

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