First I must say praise to the makers of gold bond powder, I was in the verge of getting some chaffing and after a wash, dry and application of the fine powder last night I awoke up feeling fresh as can be. That brings me to the second thing big shout out to my man Disco of The Trail Show Podcast and his trail tip of the blue sponge. The sponge and zip lock of water has been a blessing for washing off the dirt, salt and other grime each day helping my skin stay nice and chafe free out here. That little tip he shared on an early episode of the trail show has changed my life in the world of hygiene on trail.

My body may be clean but my hair is a mess

Ok enough about my personal grooming, we headed out cross country on our way to the road we needed to get to hike up on the rim of the Owyhee canyon today. We ventured cross country and started down into the canyon as the sun was beginning to shine down on it. What a stunning sight, I must come back and raft it this next spring or summer. Form there we walked roads. The dirt kind with the only company being a few prong horns, cows and 1 little itty bitty rattle snake that let us know her was there about 12” before salty and I would of stepped on him. We backed up and gave him his space and he moved on away.

Our only constant company, da cows…

We kept to the high rim and dirt roads until about 1pm then we dropped down the rim in a cross country route which led to an old Jeep road. That road was a god send because in just a short .2 miles we were standing on the banks of the Owyhee river. We dropped our packs and in the nearly 90 degree temps with sun blazing down the three of us hopped in the river fully clothed shoes and all to wash off the dust and salt of the past few days.

As we sat there salty asked to charge her phone, as she plugged it in we saw the little apple icon and then nothing. Her phone is completed fried…a huge bummer considering her maps, guide and data book are all on her phone and the photos from the past 3 days. Luckily she has paper maps and swept away and I are with her so we shall overcome this technological mishap.

We left the river and climbed back up about half way to the rim. From there we followed a really old jeep road that appears to have not been used in some time. We walked through Lauer rocks, filled up with 9 L of water each at bogus spring, which was a slow trickle and looked like bad aquarium water. With heavy packs and hot temps we trigger along enjoying the views and relishing the shade of our umbrellas. As the sun began to get low we left our jeep road and headed cross country to find a faint “road” to the rim. We watched an awesome sunset over the Owyhee canyon right as we broke the rim to the plateau that will take us to Rome. We figure we are shy of 20 miles to town tomorrow for a much needed meal and resupply.

Bogus springs water was a little gross but got us to where we needed to get to

We received the weather forecast from my in reach and it’s going to be 88 tomorrow and the following few days, so we are getting up at 4 am to get a jump on the day before the heat.

Ok so I’ll end on the tally of things that have gone wrong, been lost, or broken so far since the start.


Broken phone

Heat rash on lower legs

Swept away

Lost water filter on day 2 (luckily she has aqua tabs)


Water filter will not flow even after back flush (should of gotten a new one, luckily have chemical backup)

NeoAir 2 holes

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