CDT Mile 85.8, miles hiked 11.2

A prickly pear cactus in full bloom along the divide

I woke up to Big John calling my name, jeez it was only 4:45 and he already had his gear on and was ready to roll.  I said bye and I would catch up, Buttercup, and Sweet Potato both rolled out with me, we walked the road for miles and I stopped to pull off some layers and they pulled ahead.  All of us walked past the Last Chance Well and kept to the road, whoops I soon realized my folly and as the boys disappeared over a hill I plotted my line back to the CDT.  A few cross-country miles later and I walked up to the last water cache box and found Spontaneous, Crunch Master and Sheppard there eating a snack, we have all been hiking around each other since day 1.

Enjoying a bit of chocolate on trail with hiking partners is just one of our daily treats

I got back on the trail and found Big John ahead we stopped, chatted and hiked a few miles together, it was fun cutting through the hills watching town get ever closer.  The weather was cool so we pushed on ate some chocolate and agreed to meet in town.  I started on my way enjoying the views and the trail soon took me to two-lane dirt roads.  Over the past few years others have whined about walking dirt roads but after the last few years of trips I have done I really appreciate a graded road when available, he’ll it’s basically and wide hiking trail.

As you get to town you are greeted by a cross on top of a hill and then below the town cemetery.  I strode past both and hit the pavement and in a few minutes found myself back at the Econolodge, if you ever find yourself in Lordsburg I recommend the place they are super hiker friendly and have a well-stocked hiker box of items people toss after finally getting back from the border.

The rest of the day was typical town chores: laundry, resupply food, sort gear, etc…. I took a few minutes to sew my CDT patch into my pack and enjoyed a few meals at the local McDonald’s.

My least favorite town chore sorting food before our next leg

I got to call home and get caught up with Suzy, the hectic week she was having at work, the pets status report and what not.  We miss each other like hell but we both enjoyed catching up and being connected.  She is such a trooper through all this and hearing her giggle was even better than the 20 McNuggets I had eaten.  We all rallied in Greg in Wild’s room and ate some good pizza, surprising if you saw the town, and came up with a game plan for the morning.  Freefall informed us that he was taking an additional zero-day to ray his battered feet and he would meet us along the way in Silver City.

Epsom salt foot soaks were a treat in town

Big John and I went back to our room, enjoyed a Foster’s Lager and turned in, ahhhh bed how good you feel.

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