CDT mile 105.6 miles hiked 20

Tthe tiny hand is always r ready to get us over the barbed wire

We woke in our general early fashion and met in the lobby at 6 am as agreed upon. We ate a quick hotel breakfast and set out but not before parting ways with Freefall.  It was a bit sad but I knew we would see him in a few days when we regroup in Silver City.  The walk out of town started with a short 3-mile road walk before we set out cross country across what would be our last hot flat desert stretch.  We found a pile of cow bones and made costumes from them and had a good chuckle before we set off again.  We spotted a rattlesnake who coiled into strike position and mad some noise that was our third one so far.

cattle bone make for some great costumes

A couple miles later we caught up the Shepperd who had spent the previous night outside of town on this flat area, he told us of the storm that he endured the previous evening.  I hiked a few miles on with Shepperd and Buttercup an Aussie a German and Dago quite the combo, as we climbed up the old dirt road that was now our trail we jumped at the now familiar sound of a rattler.  We stopped and spotted him under a bush ready to strike I took a quick video and then moved on.  Thank god the one here rattle, the way I get lost in my head I might just step on one of they were quite.

We had our hiking groove on and spotted a grove of trees, we flipped down in the cow dung to have lunch,  13 miles by noon a good day.

The weather was a bit cooler with cloud cover and a nice breeze a perfect day.  We all carried onto the next water we were told to do this by Radar back Lordsburg as the co-op water source was not to be missed and man was it great. Trees with shade, an old windmill and a solar pump and two tanks.  The water was great and we sat there for a bit longer before wrapping up the day with a 4 mile leg that including a climb to our current camp.

Buttercup just had to climb the windmill

100-mile mark, from left to right Allgood, Sweet Potato, and Buttercup

100-mile mark, from left to right Allgood, Sweet Potato, and Buttercup

Today was a great day we hiked with Shepperd and got to know him better, enjoyed a cool breeze all day and celebrated our foray into triple digits.  A 100+ miles down and many more to go.

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