CDT mile 966.7, miles hiked 16.6

Breakfast in bed thanks to backpackers pantry

We woke up late, the previous day’s push over Mt Elbert and the long hike had taken its toll on everyone.  We chewed down whatever food we had left and then one by one we filed out of camp.  I was the first to leave but a few miles in and I was passed by Buttercup and Stop n Go.

A nice high meadow and a great place to take a rest

The morning had a few climbs and then a long descent/traverse to Tennessee Pass.  At the end of the third climb, I was wiped out and sat down to have a snack and take a break.  All morning I felt weak and tired so I started in on some bars to see if the food would help.  Cheezy showed up joined me, she too was shot from the previous day.  We ate snacks and talked about life.  It was an intimate talk about the other day when I cried on the mountain and I shared with her the story of my friend Tim who passed away from cancer 9 years ago, after that moment together we decided to grind it out to the end.

Another day, another wilderness area

We rolled through some soft snow and then into the traverse through the forest the walking was easy and quick enough but being so tired I just wanted to hit the road and get into town.  When I hit the pass Stop n Go and Buttercup were there, Buttercup wanted to hike .3.5 more miles to where the trail crossed the highway again, we begrudgingly agreed and then in a bit of anger I cranked out the miles in under an hour.

A town mural celebrating their annual event

A quick hitch into town dropped as at the PO and then the hostel.  The Leadville hostel is one of the nicest ones I have stayed at.  Cathy who still runs the hostel welcomed us with open arms and helped us get settled in with towels, beds, and a tour around the place.  A big plus for me was getting a new pair of Altra Lone Peaks with new tread, so I can finally stop slipping and sliding my way through Colorado.  After getting cleaned up and clothes washed we stumbled down to the brewery a few blocks away and enjoyed a few IPA’s and and a few snacks.

For dinner we got a hot tip from Snorkel that Quincy’s in Leadville had a steak special that stared with a 6oz filet for $9.95 and all the way up to a 15oz one for $18.95 with all the fixings.  we met a nice girl traveling form TN to climbs some peaks out from TN, she came along with us and the group all enjoyed some nice dinners, a few margaritas later and next thing we knew we were drinking cocktails and listening ti the jukebox in the famous Dollar Saloon in Leadville, which boast it is the best Saloon in the West.  After the music ran out and the drinks made us a bitty dizzy we strolled up the road to hostel where we fell fast asleep and enjoyed a soft bed and good nights sleep.

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