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Alpine flowers are in bloom

After a long awaited time and many miles hiked we finally made it to the CDTC WHQ also known as my good friends Teresa’s house.  Our trip here was great Wes form Ugo Bars had driven up the night before with plans to camp out and then give us a ride, the previous nights rain though had him in a hotel too, so we met for coffee in the morning and then the four of us loaded up and rolled down the highway.  Wes was great and is one of the most intelligent and mature 21-year-old men I have ever met in my life.  He treated us to baked goods and various snacks on our ride and made us feel like heroes on our trip down to the WHQ.

Once at Teresa’s we caught up on the trail, showered, did laundry and then got to the store for our resupply.  It was strange once again to drive a car, but especially this time as we were on a highway and there was other traffic.  King Super by the WHQ was a weird place for us to go to, it was crowded and all of the people were in a rush, we took our time, got out food and then headed back up the hill for dinner.  Teresa had a special treat for us she had saved some salmon and halibut I had given her in December when she was in Portland and we thawed it out and had a lovely dinner of fish, asparagus and salad it was a great treat and reminded me of home.  We wrapped up the evening with a movie and then turned in for a good nights rest.

The next morning, well today we woke up to have breakfast and then loaded up in the car and headed into Golden on our way to  Boulder.  We stopped at the CDTC office to say hi to Guthrie and then Me, Cheezy and Buttercup ran up to Boulder to visit some of my sponsors.  We started at Mont-bell where I got hooked hop with some new clothes that fit better and will keep me cooler in the coming heat.  We then had a fashion show as Cheezy tried on numerous outfits to get herself some new trail duds.  After we figured out what we need we drove acres town to Backpackers Pantry whee we saw Melissa and I handed off my camera for her to download pictures for their needs.  She gave us a great gift of some meals and a new hat for each of us.

My loyal dog Karluk is having fun at home while I’m away

We then cruised back down to Golden to meet our friend Peg Leg who we hadn’t seen since Chama when she had gone home to get some work done on her house. We enjoyed a lunch buffet at the Sherpa House which is amazing and then headed to the outfitter for some fuel canisters, tent stakes, and new socks for Buttercup and then a quick trip to rn a few more errands before heading back up the hill to rest up, pack up and get ready for our next leg on trail.

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