CDT mile 1035, miles hiked 25

Gnomes greeted us on the trail today

We rolled out of camp like a well-oiled machine we knew the morning was going to be easy miles down to the valley to grab water and then a gentle climb up to where the CDT and CT would split.  As we descended into the valley it looked like a rainbow gathering; all sorts of tents, bbq’s, leftover remnants of a drum circle etc….

ATV’s and jeeps a Colorado tradition

As we began our climb up we saw many a Colorado Trail hikers coming down.  One, in particular, made me feel like a celebrity he said are you hiking the CDT? Yes and then he said hey I read your blog you’re the guy from the dago diaries.  It was pretty cool to know a stranger actually reads my blog, his trail name is Seven because he has climbed the seven summits.  That to me was amazing but he said what I was doing is.  After that, we climbed.

When I got to the split there was no sign of Buttercup he took the CT for a bit before realizing his mistake. Once Cheezy made the climb we all ate lunch and then started in on our above treeline ridge walk.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking today, we are camped at 13,000′ preparing for 7 more miles of ridge walking then a climb up Grays and Torres peaks two 14’ers.

The high country

A few highlights today: our first mountain goats of the trip, crazy folks out on jeep safari, a knife edge that would make any mountain proud, and the company of good friends.

Flowers are coming out in full force

Sunset from 13,000′

Red Cone Mountain in the background

Walking to Webster Pass

Heading to the knife edge

A hanging cornice in the ridge we are going to

Cheezy enjoying her Backpackers pantry meal and new hat

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