CDT mile 1534.7, miles hiked 24

Our first glimpse of the Winds

The day began with us trying our new routine for bear country.  Wake up, pack what you can, go outside and get the ursack, cook away from our tents and finish packing.  It went ok but we need to improve our time, it will happen with practice.  The trail started out through some more sage and high desert.  The boys got a little ahead and Cheezy and I caught them by a creek.  I took a minute to marvel at how dusty it was, I am like the trail version of pig pen most days.

The lake the boys first fished

The trail finally started to climb up from the desert and into the winds.  At the top of the climb, we had a junction that we missed the leads to the Cirque de Towers alternate we are taking.  After noticing our folly Cheezy and I doubled back and found our trail.  The trail started out pretty crappy and we were soon lost.  We decided to contour around to the trail and 15 minutes later we were cliffed out, so we again backtracked and finally found the trail.

When we arrived at what was supposed to be a lake we found a field of grass and a small flow of water.  Being wiped out we stopped for 30 minutes ate some food and dried our tents and sleeping bags.  We continued on and at the next lake found Maverick and Buttercup cooking trout they had caught.  As we ate the delicious fish the sky opened and thunder lightning and wind came down. We set up maverick’s tent and all climbed into wait out the storm.

A sunset like none other

After it cleared we hiked trough and amazing valley of granite walls and lush vegetation then climbed up to a lake where we made dinner.  After dinner was done we rallied and decided to hike the two miles over a pass and to the next lake.  The climb went quickly and when we crested the pass we were rewarded with the most spectacular sunset.

Temple Lake below

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