Map Trans San Diego Trail

This map shows the route we will follow along our hike

With the new year here and missing the thru-hiking life, I am setting off on January 10th for another adventure, the 153 mile Trans San Diego County Trail.  With work and family responsibilities the opportunity to go hike for a month or two in a row is not feasible at this time so for 2018, I am hoping to tackle some new Thru-Hikes for the Working Stiffs like I have done in the past, these shorter thru-hikes of sub 300 miles are a great way to get out hiking while keeping a proper work-life balance.

This hike is more of a route than a trail so to speak, a crew of thru-hiker Alumni that have been hiking this trail the past few years and luckily for me, they have put out a map set and GPX track so I should be able to find my way.  The trail Start at the Salton Sea in the desert of California and ends at the Pacific Ocean, in the past it has been known as the Sea to Sea.  Since it’s generally cold, dark and rainy here in Portland this time of year I figured a week of stretching my legs in the sun was just what I need to kick off the new year.

Timberline Trail

Me along the Timberline Trail in August of 2017. I spent most of this past year as a weekend warrior longing for a few more days out on the trail at the end of each trip

This should be a fun trip, as I am going with a great group of close friends.  Joining me along the way are the following group of serial hikers:

Lint modeling one of my companies new PCT beanies

Lint modeling one of my companies new PCT beanies

“Lint” who is one of only 3 people to have completed a Triple, Triple Crown.  We have been close friends since I met him in 2009, and except for a few overnights and day hikes in the PNW, I have never hiked too much with him.  I am stoked to learn from him as we work away along the route and I’m sure we’ll share a more than a few laughs too.

Round the Mountain Trail

From Left to right “The Punisher” and “AYCE” on the Round the Mountain Trail in 2015

“AYCE” and “Punisher”, Better known as Mike and Naomi, this couple are two of my favorite hikers I have ever known.  besides being a wonderful couple and close friends the two of them love to hike.  “AYCE” not only has a Double-Triple Crown, he has also hiked the Pacific North West Trail, Arizona Trail and a handful of other trails and routes around the US.  His Wife “The Punisher” is a dear friend, who also has a Triple Crown, has hiked the Great Divide Trail, Pacific Northwest Trail and for those of you that follow me, she was also our Designated Hiker on the Denver Brew-Thru a year ago.  These two also went out of their way when I finished the CDT to pick me up in East Glacier and deliver me safely at home.

"Snorkel" on the Sierra High Route in 2015

“Snorkel” on the Sierra High Route in 2015

Finally my “adopted little sister” “Snorkel” rounds out our group.  Snorkle is a Triple Crowner, former FKT holder for an unsupported hike by a female on the Appalachian Trail, and has hiked more trails than I care to list.  her new book Long Trails,  recently won the National Outdoor Book Award for an Instructional book and I am so happy to get to share some trail with her again.  It has been a few years since her and I pioneered the Chinook Trail with Tomato and then Hiked the Sierra High Route the following year.

I am getting really excited to go, I spent a few hours the other night sorting my gear, packing up food (I’m pretty sure I packed too much as usual).  Then I got the maps printed out, GPS loaded up with the data, cleared the memories cards and gave the electronics a run through.  So now the only thing left to do is wrap up some work, clean up the house and get back on the trail!


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